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Mimaki LUS-120 1L UV Ink

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Mimaki UV Ink LUS-120 1L Bottle.

Mimaki LUS-120 UV curable ink possesses superior durability and flexibility. LUS-120 ink stretches up to 170% and delivers beautiful and durable print results on leather, polyurethane, and other soft banner materials where lamination is not possible.

The color components of Mimaki UV-curable ink are directly cured and adhered to the media or substrate by UV radiation, and the ink emits very low levels of VOC (volatile organic compounds). The LED (light-emitting diode) light does not radiate short wavelengths that generate ozone. GREENGUARD Gold Certified - Use of Mimaki UV-curable ink demonstrates consciousness about the environment and the health of users.

Mimaki first adopted the use of LED light to solve all the problems associated with metal halide lamps, such as long warm-up or restrike times, high power consumption, large bulbs, short lamp life, and high temperatures. The LED–UV ink curing system not only provides high quality printing with speed but also meets various demands from users with high media compatibility.

Thanks to the low heat generation of LED–UV light, Mimaki UV ink is capable of printing vibrant and beautiful colors on heat-sensitive materials, such as acrylic board, PVC, PET, etc.

Smooth and beautiful gradation printing is available due to the excellent color reproducibility of the inks as well as by the use of Mimaki's inkjet technology.