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Mutoh MS31 Eco-Solvent Ink for ValueJets

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  • 220 cc
  • 440 cc
  • 1000 ml

Mutoh MS31 Eco-Solvent Ink is a premium OEM ink for Mutoh ValueJet Printer models:  VJ-628, VJ-628X, VJ-1324X, VJ-1624X, VJ-1628X, VJ-1638X, and VJ-2638X.

MS31 is a direct replacement to Eco-Ultra VJ-MSINK3A inks that have been discontinued and requires no special flushing when switching from one ink to another. New enhancements developed for MS31 Eco-Solvent Ink include a wider color gamut, better adhesion, improved dot gain along with excellent weather abrasion / chemical resistance all which result in enriched image quality.