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Roland TrueVIS Series VG3 Series

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Roland's VG3 series includes their FlexFire™ print heads that deliver beautiful prints more efficiently, new inks that are more vibrant and cost effective, new cutting technology for increased accuracy, new tech to communicate with the printer/cutter via smart phone or tablet, and so much more. The future of print/cut has arrived.

Available in 64-inch and 54-inch models, TrueVIS VG series inkjet printer/cutters are designed to produce unsurpassed graphic results. Users can expect dynamic decals and labels, brilliant banners, striking signs, vibrant vehicle graphics, and powerful posters. Plus, they’ll be able to produce it all on demand, more efficiently and productively than ever. With TrueVIS, our customers’ vision for maximum versatility and profitability is now a reality.

Improved media handling and new TR2 INK color modes offer detailed color reproduction and expanded gamut